How to create an XBOX 360 hard drive from scratch (Western Digital only)

You'll need a Western Digital hard drive to do this procesdure.

+ Western Digital Series BEVS and BEAS
+ Western Digital Scorpio Blue Series BEVS, BEVT, BPVT
+ Western Digital Scorpio Black Series BEKT, BJKT
+ Western Digital WD5000LPVX - Confirmed! (2014 drive model) (This is what I used) I got the 3 year     extented warranty ($8.00) for a total of 5 years!
+ Western Digital VelociRaptor Series
+ Western Digital AV-25 Series BUDT

You'll need to create a DOS bootable USB drive to run the HDDHackr utility. It can't be run in a DOS window under Windows. 99% of problems appears to be Mainboard chipset (SATA Chipset) or some BIOS configurations. Be sure your SATA config in BIOS is set to IDE, not AHCI or RAID.

Software needed below
HddHackr v1.40 Build 20130303
Bootable USB Drive Creator Tool.rar

Download the BIN file for the hard drive size you have

Hardware needed
HDD hard drive Replacement SHELL case fo XBOX 360
Hard Drive Migration Data Transfer Cable for Xbox 360 - only needed if you want to transfer from old drive to new!

Unzip and open the USB drive creator tool, I used a 2gig drive, which is over kill, thats what I had laying around.
Select "FAT", Check off, Quick Format and Create Bootable Drive.
Hit the "..." button and find the USB boot files and select MS DOS. Then Select start. Should finish rather fast.
Now copy over the HDDSSxxx.bin and HDDhackr.exe files to the USB drive.

Boot from your USB drive, then type HddHackr.exe, (I like to remove all of my drives except the drive I'm trying to configure, so I don't mistakely do my boot drive in my computer!)

You should see something like this. Select the drive number corrosponding to the drive you want to use. In this instance it would be "0". Notice its a 250gig BEVS drive.

Select "F" to flash the BIN file. Type in the BIN file you copied over earlier, It will then ask you for a backup, use the default UNDO.BIN.
Select yes for other questons. Then shut down and install in the spare XBOX 360 hard drive enclosure. Then install it in your XBOX 360. When you power it on, it will require you to update the XBOX. Do it. After the update you'll need to format the drive within your XBOX. You'll need your serial number to do this. Once finished, you can now use the transfer cable. Enjoy!