APC UPS FIX (intructions)

APC UPS Discharge problem reset

This is for the following people who have these symptoms

•  You ran Power chute software and noticed your run time is less than it should be.

•  You replaced your batteries with new one(s) and your run time is still very low.

•  Your Battery LED lights are flashing / blinking without a full load.

•  Your UPS program tells you, "UPS battery is discharged" from power chute software.

Follow these steps to repair this un-documented solution.

***You need the smart-UPS serial cable to do this process. It is black, not gray. ***



•  Close power chute software, and stop the "APC - UPS power chute" service.

•  Open HyperTerminal. Start > Programs > Accessories > Hyperterminal > Hyperterminal

•  Enter in a name, such as APC repair .

•  Be sure the settings are as follows : 2400 Baud, 8 data bits, 1 Stop bit, no parity, Protocol is Xon/Xoff .

•  You should have an empty window. Press "SHIFT + Y" . You will get back " SM "

•  Enter " 1 " two times, with a two second gap between the two. (Two cursor flashes)

•  You should see " PROG "

•  Enter " 0 ". This will report back the current state the UPS is in. A perfect running APC UPS will be at " 8C "

•  Press and hold the " - " minus key to program the UPS to the correct state. You can cycle through the options until you get to "8C"

•  Press the " + " plus key once you have selected the correct constant value.

•  Press " SHIFT + R ", it should say " BYE " You're Done!

•  Press " SHIFT + Y ", Enter " 0 " to verify your Program took. If it does, you have fixed your problem. If not repeat the process again.

•  Close Hyperterminal, restart the UPS service, and re-run Power Chute software. You're UPS will show the correct run time.

This Info was provided by APC tech support back in June of 2006. My website is not going anywhere. Wanted to make sure it was well documented.